Astrology with Andy

Raise your hand if you would like a road map to your journey! During this time of flux, we thought it would be a useful and healing...

food&mood nyc blog post Get Salty featured image

Get Salty!

EUREKA! We have found an urban oasis and we are in love. Introducing Salthaus: a modern salt room in the heart of Manhattan. Intended...

food&mood nyc blog post aly teich


We are continually amazed and impressed by the health + wellness influencers we meet in New York City and beyond. Meet our latest crush...

splendid spoon products

Let’s Eat Mindfully!

As we continue to scour New York City for the best holistic experiences, we have discovered a plant-based and gluten-free food delivery...

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Nourish. Restore. Repeat.

We have met another kindred spirit who firmly believes that health and wellness should be approached from a holistic angle to properly...

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Get Moving!

With the significant number of short and long-term benefits to our physical and emotional health, it is abundantly clear that making...

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All Hail Smoothies!

Who doesn’t love a great smoothie?! And what better time to get into the habit of making them now that summer is here and fruits and...