ARISTA Consulting – Striving for Excellence at Every Turn

Professional Development workshops are one of the key tools we offer to increase the health, happiness and productivity for our corporate clients. There is no better educational consultant and adviser than Elaine Chugranis, president and founder of ARISTA Consulting. She has supported and inspired many of our clients through workshops on Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Communication, Strengths, among many others. She is keenly in tune with how to improve upon one’s skills and she provides practical and effective tips and tools to achieve your professional and personal goals. We sat down with Elaine to hear more about what inspired her professional journey and to hear about her extensive educational offerings.

Food + Mood NYC: What inspired you to launch ARISTA and what is your mission?

Elaine Chugranis: I had always wanted to start my own business and be my own boss. I wanted to be able to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives (both personally and professionally). I dreamt of what it would be like to work with amazing clients who valued the difference and impact that leadership development could have on their people and culture.

We launched in 2017 as a boutique global educational consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations create and deliver best-in-class education programs. Our mission at ARISTA is to lead with an inspired approach to professional development and education strategy, striving for excellence at every turn (the word ARISTA in Greek means excellence/the best).

F+M NYC: What types of programming do you offer?

EC: We offer different types of support to our clients, depending on their needs. Our three main pillars are workshops, coaching, and instructional design. We offer leadership development workshops on topics like: developing your strengths, communication skills, coaching, feedback, wellness, leadership, time management, presentation skills and everything in between. We also provide short and long-term one-one-one executive coaching, founded in a strengths-based approach. Additionally, we do keynote addresses and also work collaboratively with clients in creating strategy and custom instructional design work.

F+M NYC: You teach Strength-Based workshops and are a firm believer in nurturing that area of personal and professional development. Can you elaborate as to its importance?

EC: Yes, absolutely. I have been trained and certified by Gallup and am an official Gallup-certified Strengths coach. I was introduced to this work about 15 years ago and love the philosophy that we all have different strengths that we bring to the table and will reap so many more rewards if we focus on strengths rather than creating a culture focused on weaknesses. Dr. Donald Clifton, the creator of strengths-based psychology and CliftonStrengths, said so beautifully: “Your weaknesses will never develop, while your strengths will develop infinitely.” Doesn’t that make so much sense? Why wouldn’t we focus on people’s strengths in the workplace rather than being hyper-focused on areas of weakness?


Elaine Chugranis

F+M NYC: You are part of a larger collective called the Hive. Can you tell us more about that and the goal with the other female educators on your team?

EC: Yes, of course! The HIVE is a consulting collective of female entrepreneurs with the belief that we are better together. Our mission, as a collective, is to empower individuals and teams to reach their potential through higher learning, development, and a “hive” mentality. As a group of dynamic businesswomen and friends, we collaborate, ideate, and inspire. With a deep commitment, we help our clients (and each other) grow through quality professional and personal development programs.

F+M NYC: How do you support yourself around food + mood?

EC: Ooh, I love this question! This is something that is always top of mind for me as living in NYC and being an entrepreneur can easily get me stuck in the rat-race mentality. I make a conscious decision, after having experienced some intense, complicated health struggles, to incorporate self-care into my every day. I love kicking off the day with a gratitude practice (I’m currently using Oprah’s “The Life You Want” planner but also love “The 5 Minute Journal!”). I also love starting the day with a meditation practice – anywhere from 10-20 minutes to help center myself before the day begins. Long walks in Central Park – either around the Jackie Onassis Reservoir or the Lower Loop – are great whenever the weather cooperates (anywhere 40 degrees or higher). I find nature to be so grounding, especially in this concrete jungle. And re: food – I’ve been a strict vegetarian for over 30 years now and love incorporating green juices (especially celery!) into my morning routine. Can’t get enough!

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