Provenance Meals

When we need an extra hand in the kitchen to get us through our hectic weeks, we happily turn to premier organic meals, delivered to our door. With Provenance Meals, you discover the taste and feeling of true health, and we delight in their diversified and flavorful meals. We are admittedly very picky and highly selective when it comes to all things nutrition, and we are loyal fans of these meals. Curious to learn more about Provenance Meals, their philosophy, and how it came to be, we sat down with founder and CEO, Caroll Lee.

Food + Mood NYC: What inspired you to launch Provenance Meals?

Caroll Lee: My “aha” moment has been a slow burner moving with me throughout my life. I always had stomach aches as a kid, which never went away as I transitioned into adulthood. I love food, so have always been open to eating everything and anything, and although this is paired with an enormous appetite, I never really understood my chronic bloat and stomach pain.

I eventually found my calling to nutrition when I experienced what being healthy actually felt like — I cut out the gluten, dairy, and sugars, and a lot changed. I had energy, my stomach aches were gone, I wasn’t bloated anymore — I felt so good and immediately wanted to help other people feel this way, too.

In my time as a Certified Health Coach, I was giving clients solid advice on what to eat and how to prioritize their energy, confidence, and well-being. The one thing I couldn’t do was take over their meal planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning to give them their time back. But what if I could? The more my clients asked me, “Can you help me find the good food I should be eating?”, the more I realized that there was a significant issue that I could help solve. Since then, it has been my mission to help busy professionals eat a nutrient-dense diet that helps them look and feel their best. This is what laid the foundation of Provenance Meals.

F+M NYC: What is your philosophy around food and nutritional balance?

CL: Food is medicine. We have the opportunity to recharge and nourish ourselves at least three times a day, which are crucial opportunities to take care of ourselves. The food we eat is an investment in our overall health — how we treat our bodies now is ultimately going to affect the outcome of our health as we mature. I would rather invest in the root of my health with the best food and care rather than racking up a large bill of treatments for preventable chronic illness later down the line.

This being said, life is all about balance. I am and forever will be a foodie! I’m no purist when it comes to eating gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free, but I do believe that following an elimination diet is something everyone needs to try at least once in their adult life. When I want to be on my game — which, as a working mom and CEO, is basically all the time — eating a clean diet rich in fresh, organic food and anti-inflammatory ingredients makes all the difference.

F+M NYC: Not all meal delivery services are alike! What makes Provenance Meals unique?

CL: We have high standards for not only the quality of the food but the taste too — we are changing the game in that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for nutrition or vice versa. With fresh, inventive dishes and the best-sourced ingredients like organic, locally-sourced produce and grass-fed beef, Provenance seamlessly intersects nutrition and flavor.

Caroll Lee

F+M NYC: You have a background in Integrative Nutrition. What do you see as the importance of approaching nutrition holistically?

CL: Taking a holistic approach to nutrition means looking at the root of the problem rather than just the problem itself. A common saying in the functional medicine community, health happens the other 99% of the time you’re not in the doctor’s office. Nutrition affects every function in our body. By treating it as a synergistic element in our overall health rather than a standalone asset, we are able to make well-rounded analyses and recommendations.

F+M NYC: Besides nourishing yourself with Provenance Meals, how do you take care of yourself off the plate?

CL: My meditation practice helps me feel centered and grounded. My family and I recently traded in the bustling streets of Brooklyn for the sandy beaches of Santa Monica — exploring the new outdoors with them and our dog Milo has been a necessary transition for us all after this past year and a half. Also, living in such a big, busy city lends itself to a vibrant food culture, which I love taking advantage of on the weekends.

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