Indigo Wellness – Collaborative Care for Vibrant Living

We have found the ultimate dream team in Indigo Wellness! Dynamic sister duo Sarah Swanberg and Carolyn Brown are true leaders in holistic health. We bring them on the Workplace Wellness road with us as often as possible to share their expertise and invaluable insight into the importance of incorporating both eastern and western philosophies and practices into our everyday lives to feel healthy, happy and balanced. We sat down with Sarah and Carolyn to hear more about what Indigo Wellness offers and provides its clients and to give our readers the chance to get in on the action!

Food + Mood NYC: What inspired you to launch Indigo Wellness and what do you offer?

Sarah Swanberg + Carolyn Brown: We wanted to create a wellness space where we would want to visit as patients! It’s always been our goal to create a space that felt safe and warm, and also like you were getting the best possible care from top experts in the field, and we didn’t know of anywhere that offered that. Sarah started Indigo Acupuncture in 2015, and invited Carolyn to open the holistic nutrition arm in 2019, so it was a natural expansion to Indigo Wellness Group. In addition to Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Nutrition, we offer Pelvic Floor PT, holistic facials, and herb & supplement consults. We take the best from eastern and western medicine to help our clients live their most vibrant lives.

F+M NYC: What is the Indigo Eight? How does it support your philosophy around the mind-body connection?

SS + CB: The Indigo 8 are our 8 wellness pillars. It turns out, there are a lot more aspects of living a healthy life than just nutrition & movement (but we do love those!). We ask all of our patients about their sleep, their stress levels, and even their social lives. Our most common phrase at Indigo might be “It’s all related”. Our mind & body can’t be separated, they really influence each other. So we work on all these different aspects, including making sure your body is detoxifying properly (think: poop, pee, and sweat), and that you have a gratitude practice. We find these make such a difference in someone’s overall health and how they feel on a daily basis.  

F+M NYC: You are hosting an upcoming wellness retreat. Can you please tell us about it and what to expect? 

SS + CB: Yes! We’ve partnered with CT Power Yoga on an in-person R&R retreat from November 6th-10th at the gorgeous Menla Retreat & Spa in the Catskills. The retreat is the perfect place to restore and recharge, nourish your mind and body, clear out old stagnant energy and create new space for yourself. We’ll offer vinyasa and restorative yoga, acupuncture, wellness & meditation workshops, delicious healthy food, hiking and time in nature, optional massage & spa, and a new healing perspective to leave with. 

We’re even including sound baths and bonfires. It’s our dream getaway and we’re excited to open it up to the public.

Sarah Swanberg + Carolyn Brown

F+M NYC: Beyond the wellness retreat, what other programs do you offer throughout the year? What should we be on the lookout for?

SS + CB: Our WOW Week aka Week of Wellness is a nutrition program offered 3x a year and a client favorite. It’s a week to upgrade your eating, sleeping, and how you speak to yourself. You get a full meal plan, daily check-ins, and an incredible community. WOW, you can feel better in a week 🙂

Our next one will be the week of September 17th.

We also have our Hello Hormones Courses, including Super Sex Ed (hormones crash course), Birds Bees & BBTs (for women trying to conceive), & OH Baby! (For pregnancy), and are adding a menopause course in the fall.

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F+M NYC: Do you have one top health and wellness tip that you recommend to all your clients? 

SS + CB: Start your day with your Wake Up Water. Have 16 oz first thing, before coffee or breakfast, to start your day on a great foot. Bonus points for ginger, lemon or an organic greens powder.

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