Sakara Life – Eat Clean Eat Whole

You are what you eat. We’ve all heard this. We know it’s true. Eating clean, organic, whole foods are the healthier and better choice. While we love to cook at Food + Mood NYC, we also love to seek out the best prepared food options for the inevitable times when we are too busy to cook and need someone to take care of that for us. And we have found it! We have fallen head-over-heels for Sakara Life – organic, plant-based meals delivered to your door nationwide.


Here’s a delicious day-in-the-life with Sakara by my side:

BREAKFAST: Gingerbread Protein Waffle with Cranberry- Orange Compote

Good Morning! I can’t remember the last time I have treated myself to such a seemingly indulgent yet in reality very healthy and delicious breakfast. It was sweet, but not too sweet and the use of gingerbread made the flavor unique and got me excited for the holiday season. I had to remind myself to take my time and chew.

LUNCH: Sakara Earth Broth + Farm Fresh Fixings and Beet Smash Toast

I will never turn down a good soup and this one did not disappoint. The broth was flavorful and soothing and the added fresh herbs, sprouts and veggies made for a perfect combination. I was skeptical about the Beet Smash Toast but it was so tasty and inspired me to cook more with beets.

DINNER: Sakara Classic Chopped Salad with Magic Mushroom Dressing

I take my salads pretty seriously and this refreshing salad was an ideal way to end the day. I loved the mixture of rice and beans with radishes and cauliflower. And the mushroom dressing… magic indeed!

Each meal left me very full, satisfied and feeling good. In addition to the main meals, Sakara has other amazing food and drink options like Nori Chips, Superfood Granola, detox bars and tea. You can scour their Clean Boutique for more options.

There are a variety of meal options to choose from. They are all thoughtfully prepared and delectable. And what’s more… if you sign-up for Sakara on their website using the code REF_FOODANDMOODNYC, you will receive 15% off your first organic meal delivery program. So what are you waiting for… get moving… and eating!