Charred Whole Eggplant with Crushed Tomatoes, Basil, and Mint Recipe

Girl crush doesn’t do justice for how much we adore chef Eden Grinshpan. Her NYC restaurant DEZ was one of our favorites, her Instagram stories have us doubled over in laughter and now she has come out with her first cookbook, Eating Out Loud, that we are poring over! All the recipes look amazing, but this eggplant dish was at …

Turkey Burger with a Twist

Behold a delicious turkey burger with a twist. Mixing nutrient-dense vegetables into the burgers and topping it with guacamole makes this particularly flavorful and interesting. This is a highly requested meal at our house from the kids. You can thank me later. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS: 2 portobello mushrooms, finely diced 4 tbsp olive or avocado oil, divided, plus more for greasing your hands 1 bell pepper, finely diced …

Simple Roast Chicken

Veteran dietitian and food lover Amy Shapiro of Real Nutrition NYC swears by this easy, fall-off-the-bone roast chicken recipe. We tried it and we fully agree! It’s a staple recipe in our households as it is loved by adults and children alike. Give it a try! Serves 8 INGREDIENTS: 1 whole chicken, 5-6 pounds (organic, pasture-raised) 1 lemon, halved 1 …

food&mood nyc featured image blog post Best Steak Marinade EVER

Best Steak Marinade EVER!

If you are looking to get into your friend’s and family’s good graces, may I suggest you prepare this steak marinade recipe. Every time I prepare this (which is admittedly often), I am asked to share the recipe … it’s that good. What’s more, I get specific requests from my children to prepare this. I usually use grass-fed skirt or flank steak but any grass-fed steak will do. So …. Can you guess what I am making for Christmas Eve dinner?

food&mood nyc featured image blog post Roasted Parmesan Zucchini And Summer Squash

Roasted Parmesan Zucchini And Summer Squash

Every August I eagerly await the arrival of my zucchini and yellow squash from my humble garden. So much depends on the weather, and this year was probably my best ever…. to the point where I simply had too much… but I’m not complaining. They make excellent hostess gifts and I prepared this perfect side dish inspired by Jennifer Fisher that every member of my family and all dinner guests devoured. See for yourself!

food&mood nyc blog post The Silver Palate Gazpacho

The Silver Palate Gazpacho!

Once spring has sprung, we immediately start making dishes that are fitting for warmer weather. We usually start with gazpacho and always turn to my mom’s Gazpacho recipe from The Silver Palate Cookbook. It’s tried and true and loved by the adults and the kiddos. We like to ladle the gazpacho into chilled heavy mugs as a sippable first course while our main courses are grilling. Happy Spring and enjoy!

food&mood nyc blog post banana bread

Three Cheers for Banana Bread!

Who doesn’t love a delicious banana bread?! We have a super easy, guilt-free recipe without refined sugar that we promise will be a hit among adults and the kiddos. Enjoy!

food&mood nyc blog post featured image Let's stew on this

Let’s Stew on This

It’s cold outside and we are looking for ways to keep warm. This stew is hearty, easy to make and tastes amazing. Plus it’s vegan and gluten free. Enjoy!

food&mood nyc blog post featured image an apple a day

An Apple A Day….

I know I am not alone when I say that going apple picking with my family in the fall is an annual highlight. Not only are we supporting local farmers but we are “shopping” in a mindful and healthy way! The fun continues and we all vote on what recipe we should make with the apples we picked. This year we had a tie! So we made both – Applesauce and Apple Crisp …. and they were a huge hit. Enjoy!

food&mood nyc blog post featured image garden to table

Garden to Table

My modest vegetable garden is doing beautifully this summer! My family of four can’t even get through all of its abundance so I have been tying twine ribbons around a lot of it and giving it as house warming gifts when we visit friends and family. But I do covet my squash and zucchini as with these vegetables I can get very creative and mix it up. Here I am including my all-time favorite zucchini bread. Flavorful, delicious and ultra healthy… See for yourself!