MINDFRESH – Corporate Mindfulness

Please meet one of our favorite leaders in all things wellness! Jen Kluczkowski is the founder of a corporate mindfulness program called MINDFRESH. Mindfresh is a fusion of mindful movement, meditation, and breathing techniques. It is a comprehensive and powerful mindfulness formula for those who work in an office environment.

Some of the amazing benefits are: increased energy, decreased anxiety, a boost in circulation, increased confidence, and a recharged body and mind. We are not the only ones who believe Mindfresh is the future of corporate wellness. Science is getting involved here and studies are showing that if you practice mindfulness on a regular basis you can be more calm, relaxed and less reactive.

Food + Mood NYC are certified Mindfresh teachers under Jen’s insightful guidance and leadership, and we are bringing Mindfresh into a host of corporate environments and can confidently say it is one of our most successful, favored and repeated programs.

We sat down with Jen to get a close look into how she incorporates mindfulness into her everyday life plus we are giving you one of our favorite Mindfresh sequences that our corporate clients always enjoy.

Food + Mood NYC: Can you tell us a bit about Mindfresh and its benefits for a corporate environment?

Jen Kluczkowski: The mission behind MINDFRESH is simple: bring more peace into offices in our digital age. There used to be a time when we had plenty of opportunity to take care of our wellbeing outside of work. With 24/7 connectivity, it’s time we integrate wellbeing into our dynamic and expanding workday.

F+M NYC: How to do you start your day? What is your morning ritual?

JK: I used to have a very different morning ritual before I became a mother, but now I start my day playing with my son and making him breakfast. I try to be as present as I possibly can with him so I can carry that awareness into whatever follows. I do meditate for 15 minutes minimum each morning… but the time varies based on my schedule that day.

F+M NYC: How do you end your day on the right note? What is your evening ritual?

JK: Putting my son, Bodhi, down for bed, followed by dinner and a glass of wine with my husband. I try to savor each of these moments.

F+M NYC: What are three Mindfresh techniques we should all do everyday?

JK: 1. Try to avoid thinking about what you will say next when someone is speaking to you – just listen. 2. Feel your heartbeat with your hand on your chest for just a few seconds – just say thank you for life today. 3. Take a lion’s breath (loud open mouth exhale — maybe even with the tongue out!) when you hit the wall – just to remember “this too shall pass”.

F+M NYC: Besides Mindfresh, how do you take care of yourself on and off the plate?

JK: I eat a mindful plant-based diet that’s good for me, the environment and the animals. I like to study texts from spiritual masters. I chant mantras to get me out of my head and into my heart.

Food + Mood NYC’s current favorite Mindfresh sequence is a very simple but very powerful breathing technique called Even Part Breath. You can use this technique anywhere, anytime!

The idea is to create a mind that is more steady. This is our go to technique to slow down a racing mind.

* To begin gently close your eyes or gaze at the floor.
* Inhale for the count of 4 through your nose (1-2-3-4) and exhale for the count of 4 (1-2-3-4) through your nose.
* Try it and see how it feels. If it does not feel good let go of the count and breath consciously.
* Try to keep your inhale and exhale even and conscious.
* As your doing this your nervous system is beginning to unwind and you are moving out of a flight or fright state which most of us reside in all day long. The place where you just react. The Even Part Breath will move you into a much more calm space known as rest and digest to make space for your creativity to bubble up.
* Try this for 1-3 minutes. Let go of the count on an exhale and come back to your natural breathing.
* Take a moment to observe how your feel in your body and mind.

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