Let’s Eat Mindfully!

As we continue to scour New York City for the best holistic experiences, we have discovered a plant-based and gluten-free food delivery service that nourishes your mind, body and soul – meet Splendid Spoon!

What is unique about Splendid Spoon’s approach to eating is a focus on not only the food, but the process by which you eat it. They want it to be a form of meditation. You prepare your meal. Remove any distractions. Sit down. Close your eyes. Inhale Deeply. Take in the meal’s aroma. Exhale. Only then do you begin to eat slowly and mindfully with conscious inhales and exhales. The goal is to allow your senses, particularly your sense of smell, to take an active and conscious role in the meal.

The Program 2.0 is their flagship plan, comprised of Breakfast, Lunch and Soup Cleanse.

What Arrives: Breakfast (five smoothies), Lunch (five soup bowls) and a Soup Cleanse (four drinkable soups and one bowl).

What to do:
5 Days a Week: Breakfast
5 Days a Week: Lunch
1 Day a Week: Soup Cleanse
1 Day a Week: Wander – a day free of limitations, but with the hope and understanding that you will take this day to pause, reflect, and listen. Notice the changes in your body and your approach to food.

Dinner: Splendid Spoon gives you freedom here, but encourages you to make a healthy choice whether you are eating at home or eating out.

Food + Mood NYC did the Program 2.0 and found all the Smoothies and Soups to be flavorful and diversified. The breakfast smoothies kept us full until lunchtime. The soups were hearty and satisfying. Our dinners generally consisted of big, leafy salads with lean protein and vegetables. The Soup Cleanse was the most challenging, as it requires more discipline because you are eating less in the day. The concept behind The Soup Cleanse is a version of an intermittent fast, which is meant to encourage weight loss, protect against disease, improve brain health, and remove waste material from cells.

All in all we loved the program, look forward to doing it again and highly recommend it. The menu changes each week to provide variety in the meals, which is great for those who do the program on an ongoing basis. On the 5 days of Smoothies and Soups there is no feeling of emptiness, hunger and deprivation. On the Soup Cleanse day, drink herbal tea between cleanses and if you need a snack, cut up some raw vegetables to sate yourself. We had carrot, celery and cucumber sticks on hand for those moments.

Another notable perk of this program is the very reasonably pricing at $165 for the week. You can also just sign up for two mealtimes for $95/week or a single mealtime for $65/week.

Use our referral link for $20 off your first order of any of the Splendid Spoon’s plans: splendid.to/foodandmood.

Here’s to creating a positive relationship with food and encouraging holistic wellness!

To learn more about Splendid Spoon, visit https://splendidspoon.com/. Don’t forget to use the coupon code splendid.to/foodandmood to receive $20 off your first order!